Resident's Choice Outing to the Spotted Duck Creamery in Penn Yan

A Creamery AND a Duck Farm here in the Finger Lakes!

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Yesterday,  some Clark Meadows Folks took a trip to The Spotted Duck Creamery in Penn Yan, NY.

They had so much fun!  Marty said, "can we come here again next week?"  Talk about making the most of these remaining Summer Days!  

At our recent Resident Activities meeting, residents raived about this unique farm and ice cream shop.  We had to check it out.  The customer service was amazing and the farm was a hoot. if you get the chance plan a visit! 


Shout out to Chef Matt and Tony!

Shout out to Chef Matt and Tony!

Executive Chef Matt and Sous Chef Tony were the hit of the afternoon at the recent Canandaigua Kiwanis Chef's Challenge!  Held Sunday, May 1st at Kings Catering & Partyhouse in Canandaigua, the place was hopping with a variety of Chef's up for this challenge.  In addition to other restaurants, there were a number of Breweries and Wineries represented. 

We are pleased to congratulate both of these fine chefs for receiving the award for "Best Tasting Dish".  We had folks coming back for a second sample of their Lamb Chops with english peas, spring onions and mint!  Lynne and Kristen were pulling in the crowd for a sample, and even assisted the Chef along the way.  Kudos to all for their teamwork at this event, and most of all to our awesome Chefs!

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