What makes Ferris Hills special

We’d love to go on about all the ways Ferris Hills at West Lake can accommodate and cater to you, but our residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.

We did the try-before-you-buy thing, which I considered “a brilliant strategy.” We had been snowbirds for 10 years when we got a big postcard from Ferris Hills that said, “Why not winter in Canandaigua?” our son thought that sounded crazy.

We were very impressed with the hospitality that was offered to us. What we loved was that, to us, Ferris Hills became a community of friends.

It’s very caring, but not intrusive. You can participate or stay in your own apartment.”


I was living in Florida and wanted to be closer to one of my daughters and downsize. I was able to stay overnight in a guest apartment. The fact that we could stay here and see what it was like was important.

Location is important, here, it’s very quiet and peaceful. You’re not on a busy street. There are 56 acres of open land with trails, and you’re near the beach and the hospital. It’s just an ideal location.

You’re not isolated. In my old neighborhood, people might drive by and wave at each other. Here, if you want company, you can always find someone to visit with.”

~Mary Lou

“My wife and I started looking around – within an hour of their home in Bath – and decided Ferris Hills was the right place at the right time. It allows you to be just as active as you want to be. We enjoys concerts, woodshop, helping with Clark Meadows events, resident council.

There’s such a wide variety of things you can do – it’s hard to image there’s not something for everybody.”


“There’s such a cross-section of experience, education and backgrounds that it’s a great place and a great community.

I like that my three sons never have to worry about me. They know I’m in a great place and they’re happy.”


“Almost immediately, they called me by my name – not just the senior management but the waiters and waitresses and everyone, that doesn’t come by accident. That’s training.

I am trying to think of any criticisms, and the only one is that I’m getting older!”


“We look after one another without being intrusive and it’s meant so much to me.” The people here are just amazingly impressive."


“I think about what I gave up when moving to Ferris Hills – a house I’d loved raising a family in but that had become a burden, no longer going to concerts because I no longer was able to drive at night, an attic and basement full of junk.

What I gained was a beautiful apartment with a view, dinner every night, a continental breakfast every morning, a full kitchen when I want to cook, cleaning, transportation if needed, many good friends and a sense of safety.

I love it at Ferris Hills. What’s not to love?

I also like living in a community where so many things are a short drive away (you don’t have to go on the highway). For me, this includes downtown and TJ Maxx."


“I appreciates that pets are welcome."


“I am very impressed with the fact that the people are still very involved in living, learning and loving."


“Everyone is well taken care of in the dining room and everything is attractive and pleasant.

I love walking in and seeing that pretty stairway,” she said.

“When you have a suggestion the staff is very willing to listen to you, they’re ready to be accommodating"


“.Kudos to Ferris Hills for the companionship, the friendliness, and the graciousness"


“There was an open house and we decided to check it out. I was just flabbergasted by the beauty, driving up Peg Rayburn Drive, I couldn’t get over the beautiful building on the hill.

When we did buy an apartment, I thought it was the best decision Bobbi and I ever made. It’s been a wonderful situation for 10 years – every year has been a joy. It’s just a wonderful place to be able to call home."


“My next-door neighbor was invited to a Christmas social, and I came as a guest or a guest and I was sold.

I was looking for safety, security, beautiful surroundings, wonderful people, interesting activities, great food… I wanted everything in one, and I found it right here.

I made a quick decision and a quick move. I think everybody should live here.


“I had seen the ad in Life in the Finger Lakes magazine. We were passing through the area and decided to check it out.

We didn’t look anyplace else – that was it. It was love at first sight.





Life at Ferris Hills

During my first week here, I realized that moving here was the best decision I could have made. The helpful staff and their friendliness is phenomenal. They are always willing to respond to a request from a resident making life here more enjoyable.

Also there is a wide variety of activities and if you can't find something that fits your lifestyle (although that seems impossible), just speak to Claire, the activities director.

Before moving here, my husband and I were long-time supports of the Geneva Concert Series. I always noticed the Ferris Hills bus bringing residents to the concerts, something that no other facility seemed to do. That is one of the advantages about living here - the transportation to Gevena concerts as well as to other venues such as GEVA and places of interest in the area.

Many other advantages; transportation to appointments, exercise opportunities, the lovely walking trail. In short, it's the best place one could be!




First came to Ferris Hills with a ladies' group for luncheons and was very impressed with the food and the atmosphere. 

When her husband couldn't continue with their vineyard, they put their home up for sale, looked at an apartment at Ferris Hills and put down a deposit.

"The people - not only the residents, but also the staff - are an extended family," shed said, adding of the staff, "They're very friendly and it seems like they try to do whatever's necessary to make us happy."