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To appreciate the spirit of Ferris House, you have to experience it for yourself.  Be our guest at one of our upcoming activities or events.  Meet our residents and staff.  If you have ever wondered how much more rewarding retirement community living can be, you’ll find answers here.

From planned daily activities to special events, you'll find plenty that interests you.
Join us for any of the events listed below. Please RSVP 585.393.0410.

All That Is Light Hill

Thursday, January 9

3 p.m.

Join the ladies that make Light Hill possible for an enlightening presentation on what this loving, compassionate and peaceful home really is about.  This is a positive talk that shares the history of how Light Hill helps families and the community.  Come and show your support.


Aging & Memory Loss: Myths, Truths and the Importance of Research

Thursday, Jan. 23

3 p.m.

Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Ann Smith of Lifespan will explain how important it really is to understand the ins and outs of aging.  We don’t know what we don’t know and a new tip or trick could be all you need to get you living your best life. 


Can Teens Bring Hope to Our Cities’ Most Desperate and Violent Neighborhoods?

Monday, Feb. 10

3 p.m.

Journalist Mark Obbie discusses a unique program in Rochester that aims to prevent youth violence by paying a small group of teens to learn the skills of community organizing. Obbie, who lives in Bristol and covers urban violence and criminal justice nationwide, will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the story he spent more than three years reporting and writing for the national, online publication Longreads