The Centerpieces are just Beautiful!

Ferris Hills Holiday Dinners have tablescapes this year that are extra special.

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In these pictures you can see a flurry of activity in Rayburn Hall as we prepared for our annual Holiday Dinner Extravaganza.  The centerpieces were made from foraging in the woods.  Residents got together and did all the arranging.  The invitations were sent out, our chefs were busy planning and preparing, and the staff helped arrange and set the tables.  The parties have begun.  Each floor has their own private dinner in the great hall.  It is an opportunity to give thanks and to spend time with neighbors and friends.

The Barbie Movie

What is it about the Barbie Movie that is creating so much attention?

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Ok.  So we clearly had a lot of fun showing the Barbie Movie in Rayburn Hall on Friday.  The pre-party was a hoot!  The energy our residents brought to the event was palpable.

It's a fun movie, but since I'm blogging on a website for a Senior Community, I thought I might dig deeper and my attention went to the bench scene.  Academy award winning, fashion designer, Ann Roth, meets Barbie on a bench where Barbie looks at this elderly woman and says, "you're beautiful," and Ann Roth responds, "I know it."  There it is!!!  Women talking to each other through generations.  Barbie's decision to leave Barbieland and embrace the discomforts of the human experience and to see beauty in aging are some of the themes in the movie.  

There was magic in the air on friday as we drank pink cocktails, ate pink popcorn, and enjoyed each other as modern women living in challenging times.

A Spooktacular Show

The Players of Ontario County Arts Council visit Ferris Hills

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Reader’s Theater performed by The Players of Ontario County Arts Council put on a Spooktacular show last Sunday.

We were honored to welcome the group back for a second time and the audience was not disappointed! 

Our residents and members of the public enjoyed listening to the eerie tales and had a chance to win a selection of raffle prizes.

Funds raised support the OCAC scholarship and grant programs.  We look forward to hosting more great shows in the future.  

Love Boat: Confessions of a ship's surgeon

Love Boat: Confessions of a ship's surgeon

It is so great to see the number of residents in our community coming out to support one of their own.  On Thursday, April 7th, retired Dr. Bernard Oseroff presented a power point about his time working on his very own Love Boat!  Dr. Oseroff worked on the SS America where Doctors are referred to as "Assistant Surgeons".  He did make the point that he never performed surgery, but rather was the family medicine doctor for crew and up to 600 passengers at a time.  In order to work on this steamship, he also had to be certified as an "able bodied seaman" by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The SS America was a very luxurious ship, the length of two football fields!  During his time on the ship, he mentioned meeting the most beautiful woman he had ever seen before!  This lovely lady would become his wife of 54 years.  Dr. Oseroff or "Bern" as residents call him, reminisced about days gone by, shared artwork of the ship, as well as photographs of his time on this steamship. 

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