Seniors With Swag

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It was nice to see our community in the (585) Magazine.  The article sums up how life with the senior community has continued during the pandemic.  We haven't missed a beat and our residents have come out smiling!

Cooking Demonstration with Chef Matt

Cooking Demonstration with Chef Matt

A number of Ferris Hills residents turned out to listen to Chef Matt during one of his first cooking demonstrations.  I don't know about you, but I have always heard that making risotto can be a bit touchy.  Chef discussed some of the tricks to making his Mushroom Risotto, and in particular, that you cannot rush it!  He learned some "tricks" for this dish many years ago from an Italian Chef.  The process began with cooking garlic and then onions....along came the rice and the "toasting" began.  This is a recipe that you must continue to stir.  Chef added a mushroom stock made from mushrooms, wine, herbs and water.  He spoke about the necessity to cook down the wine.  And then finally he added the "good stuff" as he referred to the cream, the butter and the parmesan cheese.  Throughout this process, Chef was able to answer a number of questions from the audience, and finally, the Risotto was ready and the tasting began!   Buon Appetito!

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