Quintessence Performance

Chamber Music Ensemble at Ferris Hills!

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On Monday in Rayburn Hall, Quintessence performed for Ferris Hills Residents.  Quintessence is a professional chamber music ensemble who frequently perform here.  A superb performance on a Monday afternoon!  

Ladies Tea Party for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ladies Tea Party for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So many of us at Ferris Hills and Clark Meadows have been effected by breast cancer.  We have devoted much attention to Breast Cancer Awareness this month.  Featured here are some Ferris Hills residents at a special tea party.  They were served finger sandwiches, cakes, and tea.  The signature drink is called a poinsettias, a mixture of champagne and cranberry juice.  You may notice lots of the color pink which stands for prevention, detection, treatment, and increased breast cancer awareness.




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