Coconut Zoodle Soup! It's on the menu today!

Sous Chef, Dan Cobb, hit it out of the park with this summer veggie soup!

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After several residents came to me today asking about a particular menu item, I felt compelled to check it out.  Coconut Zoodle Soup sounds nice, right?  Dan Cobb was very busy preparing for the evening meal, but took the time to let me have a taste.  Refreshing coconut, chicken broth, lemon, cilantro, zucchini noodles, and a hint of curry paste are some of the flavors all working together making a delicious soup that is so appropriate for this breezy summer day!  I could go on and on about the amazing talent in the Ferris Hills/Clark Meadows kitchen, but today it's all about Dan Cobb and his Coconut Zoodle Soup!

Personal Care Assistant Day!

These highly skilled, compassionate, reliable PCA's are the heart of Clark Meadows!

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Today we celebrated those who serve our residents with the greatest of care.  Our team of PCA's are the very best!  Several of our residents volunteered to serve ice cream to those who serve us.  This time, the PCA's were served and we served them first!  We honored them with special testimonials written by the residents along with artwork, and poetry.  Beth presented them each with certificates and they even paused to help a resident down the stairs making the moment even more special.  How fortunate we are to have this amazing team of care givers!

A visit with Bruce Smoller, MD, certified educator for both the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust and the Wine Scholar Guild

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Dr. Smoller shared his passon for teaching about wine with Clark Meadows.  Our residents were enthusiastic participants as Bruce regaled us with his knowledge on wines from France and the various regions that produce the grapes that make the different varietals. It was a real treat for our residents and the staff were quite jealous.  The picture of Terry and myself was posed.  We did not imbibe!

Veterans Day 2022

Veterans Day 2022

Our Annual USO Show with Fitz!

Fitz!  AKA John Fitzpatrick flew in from Florida specially to perform for our residents.  This is his 3rd year coming for our USO Show.  He is a huge hit with our residents.  He is a veteran himself and knows the importance of recognizing and honoring those who have served.  Thank you, Fitz, for this wonderful patriotic performance.  Our residents enjoyed every minute.

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