Clark Meadows Annual Holiday Party!

Clark Meadows Annual Holiday Party!

Joy in Fellowship!

A festive affair in Rayburn Hall!  There was a fabulous turn out for this annual event.  As folks entered our great hall, Jenn greeted them and entered everyone in the Guess How Many game.  Kay was our big winner as her guess was spot on.  She won all the Xmas mints!  Champagne, Reisling, and ginger ale were flowing as we mingled and spread good cheer.  Small plates included shrimp cocktail, cucumber w/chicken salad canape, and a cream puff.  YUM!  Laughter filled the room. There were prize drawings, Holiday trivia with prizes, and good music.  Gift bags were given to everyone and they all opened them together like kids on Christma`s morning.      To top off our party Katherine lead us in carols with her guitar.  We all walked back from the great hall with our neighbors and friends. So. Much. Joy!!!


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