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The Bond Between Caregivers and Our Residents

The Bond Between Caregivers and Our Residents

The bonds that form are so very important to both staff and residents.

It is an honor to participate in the daily lives of our residents.  It is more than a job for our staff.  It is a special calling.  Our staff are fulfilling a very important role and the relationships develop overtime.  The team works well together and meets regularly to make sure we are addressing the needs of the entire community.  The collective well-being is important , but the special bonds that develop with our one-on-one interaction is what makes the experience at Clark Meadows so fulfilling for our staff.

The other day, one of our residents pulled me aside to tell me about something that happened that made her feel so good during the holidays.  She said  Melissa, our activities assistant, brought her the most delicious treat that reminded her of when she was young living in Brooklyn.  You see, Syliva is Jewish and the delicacy of lox, white fish, pickled herring, sliced tomato, and onion on a bagel all very fresh from the delicatessen (specially chosen by Melissa's Dad) was the perfect combination and oh so delicious.  Melissa, who grew up in a household with a mix of Jewish/Christian traditions knew that this combination of goodies would matter to Sylvia.  So, she shared her family tradition.  Lo and behold, Melissa realized that she went to school with Sylvia's grandson making a further connection between the two.

Melissa is our new Activities Assistant and she's already making her mark on the community.  She has a knack for listening and discovering each resident's likes and dislikes.  Sylvia was all smiles and glowing when she told me this story.  I'm proud of the staff who work here.  There is a vibe that you feel immediately when you walk in the door.  There are new friendships being made and connections that enhance all of our lives.

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