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"On Thursday, May 13th I had an appointment at the Eye Care Center to pick up a new prescription of glasses. That evening around 7 pm, they came apart and one of the lenses fell into my lap. On the next day I was to give a talk on the Erie Canal. I could not give the talk without my glasses.

I punched my emergency button and "Red"/ Emily responded. She called for Katrina who also responded. We called the Eye Center and were told that they were open until 8 pm and if someone could bring the glasses over they could fix the problem.

Katrina offered to run my glasses over and returned about 1/2 hour later with glasses all fixed. In my opinion, Katrerina should receive a commendation for her services. 

Thanks. I live in a cadillac facility. "

 - Fred, Ferris Hills Resident

Rejoins moi pour un expresso?

Published on Friday, August 27, 2021

Rejoins moi pour un expresso?

Clark Meadows recently enjoyed French week!  Complete with an espresso machine and daily goodies, it was a hit with residents!  Would you join me for an espresso?  Oui Oui!

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Author: Lynne Standish

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