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Keep On Keeping On....

Keep On Keeping On....

We all remain fit and healthy at Ferris Hills and Clark Meadows which we put down to 'following the rules' and laughing every day.

Our residents are keeping in contact with one another, seeing faces as they get their morning coffee, making the most of shopping at the onsite store and moving as much as possible. 

The fitness center signup sheet is being put to good use to allow plenty of time to workout and the trails are being used daily, especially as the weather improves. 

We have all noticed an increase in birds which has been great for our avid bird watchers!  This is just another reason for people to get out and enjoy the beautiful grounds.

The staff are always coming up with ideas to keep a smile on people's faces, the latest is from one team member who had flower cookie cutouts made for all 130 residents which were delivered door to door with a lovely message.  

We know the residents appreciate the effort being made and they thanked everyone by making and hanging a huge banner with all staff names, we know how much time must have went in to doing this and it was very well received. 

I'm not sure who needs whom more at the moment, staff or residents, I just know we are getting through this together and there is no place we would rather be.   


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Summer Concert Series at Ferris Hills included The Music Makers

A good time was had by all!

An Evening of Jazz and Ice Cream!

A nice evening at Ferris Hills in July!  Ice Cream and Jazz...Ahhhh.

New Sign Language Class offered at Clark Meadows

Just for Beginners

A second Sign Language class has started up at Clark Meadows. 

Bach to Rock

Finger Lakes Chamber Music Festival string quartet

Chamber music was enjoyed by the Ferris Hills Residents last evening.

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