Social Social Distancing!
Lynne Standish
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Social Social Distancing!

What exactly does that look like?

Social social distancing..What exactly does that look like?  It's difficult to capture in pictures because we are spread so far apart, but the warmth and love of our community is stronger than ever. 

A typical day starts with a reading of the morning news in groups of 10 or less sitting far apart from one another.  Then, those who choose go to exercise class.  Today, we had two morning options; 1.) Paint class where we painted a waterfall (more to come in future blogs about our resident artists) and 2.) Reading Club where we read a few chapters from "Water for Elephants."  This afternoon, we celebrated with a Fiesta themed happy hour.  Our pinata named "Corona" didn't fare so well.  Our happy hours take place throughout the building in small gatherings where we can sit 6 feet apart.  It's up to the staff to circulate and serve refreshments.  Today, we got a little was a Fiesta afterall! 

This is a glimse into a typical day at Clark Meadows.  We've been social distancing for quite a while now and it has become a habit that we know is extremely important if we are to stay COVID19 free!

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