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At Clark Meadows, we all enjoy a large extended family.  We get to know our residents, watch their laughter as they become involved in activities, and see them genuinely enjoying themselves in the community. So it is with great fondness that we remember a resident who recently passed and recognize a families generosity in making a donation to the Clark Meadows activity fund.  Pat, your Mother's smile, her zest for a competitive card game, and her love for Bingo....sorry not with quarters....will remain with us here at Clark Meadows.  Thank you again for your generosity in keeping the good times rolling!

Bridal Fashions brought to you in Rayburn Hall at Clark Meadows

Bridal Fashions brought to you in Rayburn Hall at Clark Meadows

Afternoon Tea and Bridal Fashion Show

Who would guess that in a Senior Living Center a Bridal Fashion Show would bring so much laughter and fun.  Our residents were a buzz with fond memories of their own weddings.  Our ilustrious kitchen staff provided the perfect tea sandiches and pettifors for the occasion.  There was tea and also champagne!  Ladies and Gentlemen were in attendance to see the runway models and to enjoy treats as well as a presentation about items we remember from days gone by.  Claire was the perfect Master of Ceremonies.  Aimee shared her mother's wedding dress with memories from her own family. What a day!

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