The Cool Club & The Lipker Sisters

The Cool Club & The Lipker Sisters

If you have not yet heard The Cool Club and The Lipker Sisters live, then you are missing out and need to get to one of their 'social distance shows'.

We were pleased to welcome the group to Ferris Hills last night for the end of our 2020 summer concert series.   The music, laughter, stories and smiles are always a big hit and we love to see the girls (and guys).

Things were different this year and we missed our guests but our residents had a great time!  Next week we will be back to our 3pm music programs as the summer nights cool off but the fun must go on.

2021 Summer Concerts are already being discussed and we will make these bigger and better with a few extra special touches and hope to see you all there!

Stay safe, stay smiling.

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