Smell the Flowers...

Smell the Flowers...

People move to Ferris Hills for a number of reasons but a zero maintenance lifestyle if probably top of everyone's list.  When you have to clear leaves in the fall, remove snow in the winter and mow in the spring and summer the general upkeep of a property becomes a full time job.  Being able to spend your days doing what you want to do is a huge perk.  Playing golf or spending the day on the lake beats having to weed and water a yard....well, you would think, but the truth is some people miss having those chores and like to keep busy. 

We have a number of residents who love to be out watering the grounds, they enjoy planting a garden and tending to flowers and keep the community beautiful.  From the hanging baskets on balconies to the raised beds and garden boxes, all are well kept and flourish.  The bird sanctuary was newly planted, by residents, last year and will take time to establish but the array of wildlife it already attracts is remarkable and is such a pleasure to sit by.  Woodpeckers, chickadees, mockingbirds and swallows are just a few of the many birds our residents have spotted.  There is no shortage of wildlife within our 54 acres.  A perfect setting for any lover of the outdoors.



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