"BEST TASTE" Award goes to Ferris Hills and Clark Meadows!

2023 Canandaigua Kiwanis Chef and Sip Challenge

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For the win... Chefs, Tony Cafarelli and Jamison Leigh, served up Porchetta with salsa verde and pickled red onion.  Our chefs worked hard preparing and presenting their creation.  They enjoyed the fun competition with other respected chefs in the community.   The foodies came out to enjoy this amazing event hosted by Canandaigua Kiwanis.  Canandaigua Kiwanis is an active group of dedicated volunteers working tirelessly throughout the year raising money to support children.

Derby Day!

Fancy hats, traditional song, mint Juleps, and more!

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Ferris Hills and Clark Meadows residents were together in Rayburn Hall to celebrate the time honored Kentucky Derby!  

The Secret to the Ferris Hills/Clark Meadows Molasses Cookies has been Revealed!

Patrick has a passion for baking and it shows in everything he does!

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When the calendar says, "Baking Demo: Cookies with Patrick," folks gather around.  Today, Patrick Boylan, a baker at Thompson Senior Living Communities, shared his family recipe for the favorite molasses cookies!  Patrick did his training at Le Cordon Bleu in New Hampshire and has quite some skills in the baking department.  He demostrated how he assembles a batch of the molasses cookies and while he prepared the dough in his very own orange kitchenaid mixer (a gift from his Mom) he told us about the baked goods he prefers to make in our kitchen.  He loves to decorate cakes and cookies.  One of his other family recipes that he prepares for the residents is a raspberry cheesecake.  He enjoys baking and decorating wedding cakes and says that his passion came from his mother's love of baking.  it was a special treat to meet one of our talented cooks and to hear some of his personal story.  Thank you Patrick!  


The Flower of Remembrance

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Making artificial poppies is a long-standing tradition and today we all pitched in to help the local Veterans Affairs assemble poppies. Close to 400 poppies were assembled and we had a good time sharing stories and remembering our own experiences with the symbolic poppy.  

Quintessence Performance

Chamber Music Ensemble at Ferris Hills!

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On Monday in Rayburn Hall, Quintessence performed for Ferris Hills Residents.  Quintessence is a professional chamber music ensemble who frequently perform here.  A superb performance on a Monday afternoon!  

From Bach to the Beatles and beyond!

From Bach to the Beatles and beyond!

Music History class with Katherine!

Katherine McGrath, MT-BC, is our music therapist at the community and she has recently begun a six part course on music history. From the Medieval period to the present day, Katherine recently held a class on the Baroque period. The music of Bach and Vivaldi were highlighted.  During these classes, residents are learning about the historical and political climate of the day, as well as how the art of the period all relate to music.  Future classes will touch on the Classical period with the music of Mozart and Beethoven.  According to Katherine, a "fan favorite" is the Romantic period which is remembered as the Waltz period with music from Chopin and Brahms.  As she moves towards the present day, the Impressionist period,or Jazz will be discussed, the Counter Culture period (60's) and finally the music of today will wrap up this course.

In addition to teaching music history classes, Katherine can be seen hosting musical trivia, facilitating drum circles, leading singalongs,employing music for mindfulness exercises, and also utilizing music to help process grief and/or spiritual needs in both group and individual settings.  Katherine's motto is empowerment through creativity! 

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