Resident's Choice Outing to the Spotted Duck Creamery in Penn Yan

A Creamery AND a Duck Farm here in the Finger Lakes!

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Yesterday,  some Clark Meadows Folks took a trip to The Spotted Duck Creamery in Penn Yan, NY.

They had so much fun!  Marty said, "can we come here again next week?"  Talk about making the most of these remaining Summer Days!  

At our recent Resident Activities meeting, residents raived about this unique farm and ice cream shop.  We had to check it out.  The customer service was amazing and the farm was a hoot. if you get the chance plan a visit! 


Computer Classes

Computer Classes

Senior Computer Teacher, Daniel Jones, was a huge hit with the residents.  Daniel held six 90-minute classes at Ferris Hills covering everything from online banking to security.  Each topic went into detail and gave the residents a better understanding of what they could do with their phones, tablets and computers. 

As technology continues to change and develop so does our need to learn.  The tips and tricks that Daniel highlighted will save a lot of time and headaches.  A number of residents have since hired Daniel for one-on-one lessons.  We are happy the community Wi-Fi which was installed throughout the building earlier in the year is being used to its full potential! 

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