Weird Food Pairings?!

Wine, fruit, juice, ice cream! YUM!

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So, I'm telling tails out of school.  Our residents often get chatting in the living room about ideas for our socials.  One of our residents thought it might be fun to do unusual food pairings.  They didn't expect us to actually follow through.  When our Program Manager came into the living room with a bag of Baby Ruth Bars and a squeeze bottle of mustard they were astounded!  I came on the scene late wondering what they were all laughing about.  Everyone was giving it a go and enjoying the strange combination of sweet and spicy.  That was just the beginning.  Our Nurse Coordinator said, "game on" and she proposed the following week that we try pickle and peanut butter sandwiches!  The next week our Case Manager suggested doritos and ice cream!  Today, before our happy hour Melissa served up ice cream with wine and fruit!  Rave reviews all around the room!  

Ghoulish Good Times!
Lynne Standish
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Ghoulish Good Times!

Good times had by all at the Halloween parade and party held October 29th at Clark Meadows.  Punch and goodies were on hand, along with some Monster Mash tunes.  Every resident received a gift for attending!

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