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"Minds Matter"

"Minds Matter"

Self-Care Group

Once a month, since July, we have held a meeting of the minds!  Katherine McGrath, our Activities Director is calling this Self-Care with an emphasis on mental health awareness.  Topics have varied.  They have discussed Grief, Parenting, coping with changes that accompany aging, Love Languages, and Meditation & Mindfulness.

This week the topic was called, “Minds Matter.”   It was the result of one of our residents asking the question, “what is mental health?” 

At the beginning of the class, three questions were asked; 1.) What does mental health mean to you? 2.) What is something you would like others to know about mental health? 3.) Write a phrase of encouragement or uplifting words below to help us all remember the importance of being kind to ourselves and others.

The responses were remarkable revealing the changing attitudes about mental health.  Katherine said that the discussion went in a direction where residents began to reflect on the history of mental health and how our view has dramatically changed from the 1950s & ‘60s to now.  The human experience and emotions are not new, but what is new is how we have become more accepting to discuss and reflect on our experiences and the emotions that go with them.  The addition of “Self-Care” to our calendar has added an enrichment to our social activities.  We are truly getting to know each other better with understanding and grace.


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