Clark Meadows offers Short Stays

Imagine…a comfortable and friendly hotel-like setting where you enjoy chef-prepared meals in an elegant restaurant.

This is what is offered at Ferris Hills’ enriched living community of Clark Meadows through a “short stay” program. Individuals stay in a fully furnished apartment for as little as five days or as much as six weeks.

Linked to Ferris Hills by a common area featuring a café, convenience store, beauty salon and fitness center, Clark Meadows is for people who need assistance with daily tasks and perhaps medication monitoring. It’s an ideal option following recovery from surgery or illness, and was exactly what Ruth Murray of Naples needed during some rehabilitation a few years ago. She liked Clark Meadows so much, she’s making it her home.

“The food is good, the people are nice and they see to everything – do your laundry, clean your apartment and cook your meals. What more could you want?” she says, noting that she especially enjoys going on daytrips and taking walks with new friends. “I’m very happy here.”

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