Athletic Trainers Bring Expertise to Ferris Hills’ Fitness Center

Certified athletic trainers from UR Medicine’s Thompson Health visit Ferris Hills at West Lake twice a week, leading exercise classes, helping residents use the fitness center equipment correctly and answering questions about how to get started with an exercise plan as well as how to accomplish specific goals.

“Any equipment can be used wrong, but it can also be used right, and I think it’s important that people are using things correctly,” says resident Marian Carney, who uses the fitness center on a regular basis.

Richard Davis is a resident of Clark Meadows – the enriched living community adjacent to Ferris Hills – and wanted to learn more about how the weight machine can improve his golf game. “I think it’s terrific,” he says of the opportunity to use the trainers as a resource.

In addition to working with residents, the trainers put together educational information to be displayed in their fitness center and created an exercise circuit based on the equipment.

Resident Services Manager Darcy Cafiero says their exercise classes always fill the room. “Our residents are all about health and fitness, and being able to get that one-on-one attention from experts is really important to them,” she says. “It keeps them motivated, and they really look forward to it.